Hazelwood's lifespan

There is no hiding it, we love our products and are confident in their worth. Pure Hazelwood has been one of our pride since we open because we are the only ones in Australia retailing them, and we feel they are such an innovation ! Simple, yet efficient solution to so many issues !
Because it is winter here is Australia, my husband hasn't been really busy lately with work...but somehow he started being sore again. Uh oh! After a few days of him not being fully comfortable anymore, we decided to have a look at his Hazelwood bracelet he was wearing. 
He had been wearing this one for about 3 months. When we looked at the wood, it was black! Have a look at the photo posted announcing the blog post... On the left is the double bracelet he was wearing for those 3 months, and on the right is a new single bracelet we took out of the packet for him yesterday. See the difference ? 
It had been said that, after a while and depending on the severity of your symptoms, all the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory molecules in the hazelwood will have been released. The wood absorbed all the toxins and is left with nothing, so it turns black. There is no set lifespan for the hazelwood, but they do say to change your jewellery between 3 to 6 months. How will you know it's time to ? You will notice the wood, as we did and simply listen to your body; it will tell you when it's time with your symptoms coming back.
I checked my baby's necklace this morning too and it was black as well. Sorry baby, here's a new one for you too! Maybe I should have checked before and it would have saved me a couple days of whinging?! ... oops !
I then looked at my necklace... and it was still in a very light color !!! Astounded ! But see, I knew mine wouldn't be that bad because I am not in a bad shape like hubby... and bub growing and having almost all her teeth now, that necklace sure would have taken its toll! 
It is pretty amazing to see the difference. I am so happy of everyone's results so far. From our customers, we have had people who have seen improvement with their back pain, sciatica, carpel tunnel, elbow issues,it's helped a couple babies around and we have had a few people saying it's helped their eczema too. 
This is why we sell these, this is why we have these.
Natural doesn't have to have a yucky taste... it can be very simple, beautiful and efficient all at the same time!

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