How to use Essential Oils

Now that we know what are essential oils, how do we use them ? What should we do with those little bottles of powerful goodness ? 

There are 3 ways to use essential oils; Aromatically, topically and internally. 


 This is basically whenever you use your sense of smell. It can be using a diffuser, breathing in after opening a bottle of essential oil to smell it, popping a drop into your palms and smelling them, etc. When inhaled, it only takes 22 seconds for the molecules to reach the brain.  This is why using essential oils aromatically is so efficient for an instant effect. 

Diffusion is the most effective way to enjoy essential oils aromatically. When you put essential oils in an essential oil diffuser, the diffuser takes the whole oil and transforms it into microscopic droplets; a mist. The benefit of this is that it allows you to experience the aroma for an extended period of time. Always use a diffuser that uses water or cold air, not heat. 


Because of their chemical makeup, essential oils penetrate the skin and within 2 minutes, can be found in the bloodstream. Always use a carrier oil prior applying neat oils to your skin, it'll enhance absorption, help prevent skin sensitivity and prolong the benefits of the essential oil by slowing down the evaporation.

Do not put any oils in ears, eyes or nose. A massage is a great way to use oils aromatically, you can make up different massage blends depending what you need and how you're feeling. Some people use essential oils as purefume as well. Or you could use them in your skincare products, to help treat an injury etc. Always follow the dilution safety guidelines (general rule is usually 3 drops of carrier oil for a drop of essential oil) and whenever in doubt, always ask someone. Always dilute further for babies, children, pregnant women, first time users and if it's a "hot" oil (such as oregano, cinnamon, geranium or lemongrass). Essential oils are extremely potent, less is more. 


This is so controversial ! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not ingest low quality essential oils, they will do you more harm than anything! Do your research and only use the highest quality. Go for certified pure therapeutical grade essential oils. Internal use has been debated in the essential oil community for years. However, research continues to confirm the safety of it and validates its many uses. 

When an essential oil is ingested, it enters the blood stream through the gastrointestinal tract, where it is transported to the rest of your body. Just like everything else we ingest, it can be metabolized by organs like the liver and then excreted. Dosage is extremely important. 

Internal use should always be considered a case-by-case. The chemistry of the oil has to be taken into consideration, the potential effects, the appropriate doses and also the appropriate application methods for each oil. Some essential oils cannot be ingested, at all. Always read the labels and do your research prior ingesting any oil. There are a few ways to take essential oils internally; use them when you cook, put a drop under your tongue, take in a veggie cap or even flavour your water.  


However you choose to use your essential oils is up to you. There are benefits to each method. Just remember to do your research and ask for help when you don't know. As I always say, it might looks like just a little bottle of nice smelling liquid, but it is a powerful and extremely potent oil you got there!!! Different brands, different quality, degree of purity and potency. Do not try to save a few dollars for lower quality essential oils because you won't get the benefits you should and would with a great quality essential oil. 


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