Taking a leap of faith

Ah ! Another person selling Essential Oils ! Don’t worry, I am not one to simply jump on the band wagon because something is trendy..
A couple years ago you would have spoken to me about Essential Oils and I would have laughed... I wasn’t ready, I didn’t understand and I honestly had no interest.
In the last 2 years, a lot have happened and I’ve became a mother. My baby girl is one amazing little lady and of course, she is now my world. She got really sick last year and it took a while for the doctors to get it right. After having her lung collapsed, and all her good bacteria/flora destroyed in her guts due to too many antibiotics and meds, she couldn’t breathe properly and couldn’t digest anything for 2 weeks. It was horrible. Not one week passed without a doctor’s appointment, high fevers and other symptoms.
I tried everything ! All I wanted, was to get her better, get my happy and healthy little girl back. A friend sent me a sample of Easy Air to put in my diffuse to help her upper respiratory support. I didn’t think much of it... Little did I know that diffusing that blend really helped her breath when she was sleeping.
Coincidence ? I was still skeptical...although very excited to see her improving so beautifully. I turned to natural healing ways...why not ? I got myself a home essential kit from doTERRA (after researching which company was the best for me) and ordered some DIY items. I enrolled in an internationally certified aromatherapy diploma and started my journey.
I have eliminated so many chemicals in my house it is incredible to realise the power of Essential Oils and their impact in our lives; cleaning products, diffusers, topical application, beauty products, etc.
The beauty of it all is that I finally found something that works and makes a difference, and it would be selfish to keep that to myself. It has opened my eyes on the holistic approach.
Sometimes, all you need is a little bit of help, an alternative method and an open mind...
**This is a true story and everything disclosed is relevant to the people affected. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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