Visit to Pure Hazelwood

One of the aim of this trip was to go visit one of our supplier. 

Pure Hazelwood is a company based in Sherbrooke (approximatively 1.5hours of Quebec city) They haven't always been there, being in a smaller town before. As you might have read in our previous blog posts, we came accross these products due to my mother trying to help with easing off my husband's pain... and my little girl's teething pain. 

It only made sense to me to go and meet up with the owner of this company and see how they make their magic happen. After all, if I am selling these products here, I needed to see for myself how they operated and what kind of quality control we were facing. 

We drove up there on a nice sunny morning and arrived just on time for our appointment. Once there, Maggie (the receptionist and who I had been in contact with for my orders and account) welcomed us in with a great smile. It was good to put a face on a name !

It didn't take long at all before Genevieve (co-owner) came to meet us. We just had to wait a couple minutes as her son had stopped by to say G'day. Loving this family vibe straight away. Maggie talked to us about the new lines coming in (diffuser hazelwood bracelets!!!! and their chakras line!!!) and even some baby items to help with teething. Once Genevieve was ready we started our little tour.

The entrance, the accountant office, the lunch break and...backstage ! From the outside, it looked like a tiny little shop, which surprised me on arrival, but walking in... it's actually pretty big! We saw a few ladies who were assembling jewellery together... yes! HAND ASSEMBLED ! All of the jewellery is assembled by hand and then quality controlled before hitting the shelves. They had little stations where they were sitting at and the wood and stones that were needed for what they were doing at the time. 

Walking in a bit further we saw tubes of cut hazelwood. Heaps of tubes...all with a different wood color. To be honest...some of the tubes looked the same color to me but nope! They were all different. They pay such attention to detail it was fascinating. 

There was a person fulfilling online orders and another one getting everything ready as they were closing down for 2 weeks for the holidays the following week. Genevieve told us that, even though they will be close, she will still go in to ensure online buyers could get their goods on time. There were merchandise everywhere....but it was so tidy and organised; these people sure know what they are doing. 

Last section to visit was the big production photos allowed and some well kept secrets for us to discover! Not everyone has access to this section so we were truly privileged. I can't say much but I can say that we were very impressed! We met Patrick there (co-owner), he was doing some maintenance. They showed us the wood branches, how they choose them and how they store them, how they cut them, how they figured out how to ensure they were all sorted into sizes and colors. 

They now have teams that go harvest the wood for them in the Boreal Canadian forest, but when they started, Patrick used to do it himself! Genevieve used to stay up all night cutting the wood and piercing it. See, listening to their story and how genuine these people are made me fall in love with their products even more.

They started from nothing, believing in a product which was having great impact on their family's health and they worked really hard to get where they are today. They are a true example of what a dream can become and how it is worth it to work hard and believe in your business. From their kitchen table to a factory, from handing their products to local shops who took them out of pitty to having their products in hundreds of stores today, in Canada, USA and Europe, they are just starting to see the repercussion of those endless hours put into their business. 

And now what ? Well now I want to share these products with you. It is time for them to hit Australian soil ! I only have had positive feedback from every customer so far and I am so excited to share the benefits of pure Hazelwood with you all. 

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